Individuals and Families

Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest factor in taking charge of your financial future can be just getting started. We want to help ease this transition into financial health by providing you with clear steps on what is needed as we begin our journey together:

  • We provide you with a one-page meeting sheet to help you get organized.
  • We find it important to get a baseline of where you are currently at in all areas of your finances to get where you want to go.
  • We work hard to analyze your current situation to help build appropriate goals.
  • The goals should not only be focused on retirement, but your lifestyle during your working years.

Financial Planning Process

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, the biggest value we can bring to you as our client, is a comprehensive financial plan. Through our financial knowledge and the programs we have invested in to give our clients easy access to their information in an understandable way, we are assured that you will be confident in your personalized financial plan.

  • We are committed to working in partnership with our clients to understand where you currently are in your personal circumstances and finances.
  • We assist you in identifying and selecting goals. We then utilize thorough financial planning software to identify if you are on track toward your broad goals.
  • We identify what your risk tolerance is and make changes to your current portfolio based on that score.
  • We analyze your current taxation, as well as project your future taxation, in order to provide high quality suggestions on how much you pay.

Ongoing Monitoring

At Endurance Capital, our goal is that you feel understood and supported by our financial team within your life. In order to do that, we believe ongoing contact with you is essential.

  • We provide periodic reviews to not only reassess your portfolio, but also your life circumstances that may impact your portfolio. Your goals may change over time and we want to be here for you to adjust your financial plan to mirror your current and future ideals.
  • We believe in periodic rebalancing of our client’s portfolios and in most cases, we carry discretion on the accounts to take care of this for you.
  • We also believe in proactive communications. When things change in your life, we want to help you adjust to that change. When the unexpected happens in a positive or challenging way, it is important that you have someone you can trust to talk to about changes you may need to your financial portfolio.

Loss of Loved One

Losing a loved one is a painful process that we have experienced in our own lives and have had the honor of helping our clients through those difficult times as well. We understand how important it is to have someone you trust help guide you through the financial decisions that must be made, so that you can focus more on spending your time and energy with your family. Below are some of the important guidelines that all individuals and families should have in place for their loved ones, as well as for themselves:

  • We know setting up a will entails many tough decisions and may be postponed because of that. We encourage all our clients to have a will in place. In doing so, we will work in partnership with your attorney to give them a clear picture of your financial situation.
  • A Power of Attorney should be chosen to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so.
  • It’s a good practice to have current beneficiaries on all accounts, including banking accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, and investment accounts.
  • It is important to have an up to date document that states where all your financial information is located for your Power of Attorney and/or Executor to easily access your accounts in the event of your passing.